The Essentials Kit includes the following:


- FSGE All Purpose Range Bag

- Ear Protection: NRR 26dB, Compact, Foldable Low-Profile Earcups

- Ballistic Eye Protection: Polycarbonate reinforced, impact and scratch resistant lenses

- 12x18 inch Splatter Targets (10)

- Breakthrough Vision Series Cleaning Kit


The FSGE Essentials Kit comes with everything that you will need for a day at the range. The FSGE All Purpose Range Bag, shooting ear protection, ballistic eye protection, premium splatter targets, and caliber specific cleaning kit are made with the highest quality materials.


FSGE All Purpose Range Bag: Designed with your range needs in mind

- Three lockable storage compartments to secure your firearm, ammo, and other valuables both at home or during transport

- 11 Storage Pockets

- Large main compartment with removable tote bag

- Molle and velcro interior and exterior for customization

- 2 Pistol Pouches

- 2 Ammo Brass Pouches


Dimensions L- 20 inches x W- 14 inches x H- 10.5 inches


Ear Protection: Soft foam ear pads and comfortable padded headband enhance the shooting experience. Compact foldable design fits easily into the included case.


Eye protection: High impact protection. Polycarbonate reinforced, impact and scratch resistant lenses.


Ear and Eye Protection Case: Shockproof, dustproof and water-resistant case designed to hold your ear and eye protection.


Targets: Our HIGH VISIBILITY splatter targets make it easier to see your shots.


Breakthrough Cleaning Kit: Everything you need to ensure a thorough clean.



The Essentials: Everything is Included