Frequently asked questions

What makes the FSGE "Essentials Kit" special?

The "Essentials Kit" is an incredible value and offers you the convience of not having to search and buy every item al la carte. Normally, you have to procure all the items for your range bag separately. We have designed a top of the line, quality range bag that comes with everything you need for a trip to the shooting range. Finding and ordering all of these items separately online would cost you more money and time. We have done the work for you. Save Time & Money by Pre-Ordering the "Essentials Kit" today.

What is the "The Handgun Owners Blueprint" book?

The Handgun Owners Blueprint is included with all Pre-Orders for a limited time only. Learning to navigate the vast and convoluted firearms industry is a challenging endeavor. There are a seemingly endless number of products at every price point and the jargon alone takes time to learn. The Handgun Owner’s Blueprint simplifies the process and will guide you to ask the right questions. Your life and circumstances are unique and you need the tools and training to feel confident and safe. Learn from the mistakes of others and get the right handgun, gear, and training the first time with the Handgun Owner’s Blueprint.

How to get the "The Handgun Owner's Blueprint" Book

There are two ways to get The Handgun Owners Blueprint. 1. For a limited time only, we are inculding a copy of The Handgun Owners Blueprint with every "Esstentials Kit" pre-order. 2. If you are not ready to place a pre-order, you can email customer support and we can send you a copy of The Handgun Owners Blueprint. All you have to do is pay for shipping.